VIDEO: Colourful Clown Makeup!

13920362_10209063407436180_6639214053335690363_o-1This weeks video is a pretty crazy one! I decided to do a colourful clown makeup using bright/neon facepaints and eyeshadows. In this video I decided not to do a voice over as I didn’t really have a clue what I was doing! If I have to give one tip about this look it would be have faith and keep going! There were a few points throughout this video that I didn’t think it was looking good at all- but I kept going and I LOVE the result 🙂

My camera wasn’t having a good day either which resulted in it cutting out a few times throughout the video and a few corrupted files so it’s quite jumpy (this also explains why I start the video with a white face!)

Anyways I hope you like the look! If you have any suggestions on what I should film next, I would love to know! Message me on my facebook page and i’ll certainly take your idea into consideration 🙂


  • Snazaroo Facepaints
  • Mehron Paradise Paints
  • Kryolan Aquacolor
  • Kryolan cake eyeliner
  • Kryolan brow palette
  • Maybelline master precise eyeliner
  • Essence lip pencil
  • Sugarpill eyeshadows
  • BH cosmetics eyeshadows
  • Naked 1 and 2