TUTORIAL: Rose Gold Glitter Makeup

EL MAKEUP CHARLEY PAYNE MUAToday’s video is a little bit different as i’m not doing the makeup on myself! As I said in the video, let me know if you prefer this 🙂 I decided to do a look on my friend El so you can see I how would actually apply makeup to a client, and a voiceover to go with it explaining exactly what i’m doing.

Also, if you wanted to know how long this makeup took to do without the cut out parts, it was about 40 minutes!

Top Tips!

  • With a heavy look like this, it’s always easier to start on the eyes so you can wipe under them when you’re done, rather than blending eyeshadow into your foundation!
  • If you want to use the cellotape trick to help you get that perfect winged eyeliner or crisp line on your eyeshadow, make sure you have moisturised and also have taken some of the sticky-ness off!
  • Use a glitter fix liquid to make sure the glitter sticks to the eyelid and doesn’t fall into your eyes. If you don’t have this, you can apply a thick layer of cream eyeshadow which should help!
  • Using a lip brush gives you alot more control when applying lipstick to the lips! Especially if you want to slightly over draw them for a fuller look.

Products used:

  • Simple Moisturiser
  • Tape
  • MAC Concealer Pallete
  • Naked Pallette (1,2 and smoky)
  • MAC bronzer
  • MAC Blush in Melba
  • MAC Mascara zoom lash
  • Rimmel waterproof eyeliner
  • Niji Pressed Glitters
  • Kryolan Cake eyeliner
  • Kryolan Eyehsadow Pallete
  • MAC Highlighter in soft and gentle
  • MAX Factor Powder
  • MAC fix plus
  • MAC lipliner in whirl
  • MAC lipstick in Twig
  • Rimmel Match perfection foundation
  • Natural Collection gloss