Summer Essentials- Health

Summer is approaching quickly and people in the UK are all waiting for the sunshine to come. Many people ive noticed are like me, we have so much time to prepare for the summer and when it actually comes were not prepared!


This year you will kick summer’s ass! Here is a detailed list of what helps me get through the summer:

1. This list isn’t in order of severity but I think the most important summer essential of all is Hayfever meds. If you’re like me hay fever would have hit you a long time ago so maybe this post is a little late. This doesn’t apply to you if you don’t suffer with Hayfever (you’re soooooo lucky!) but if you do I realise that more and more people each year are starting to suffer with it. Loads of people fortunately  do not suffer as badly as me but if you are on the steroid nasal spray then my sympathy is with you. So if you don’t suffer a lot then there are plenty of tablets you can get over the counter or even at the shelves of Boots, Superdrug and even Tesco’s. There are your tablets like Piriteze or Benadryl or you can go for Loratodine or Cetirizine.


The nasal spray I have is prescribed by the doctor but you  can get Beconase and Prevalin in Boots. I would also recommend that you own eye drops for those tortured sore eyes on a summers day. Again- mine is from the doctors but you can get Optrex allergy eyedrops or Murine. If you wear contact lenses like I do then I would advise you to buy some clearing eydrops especially for contact lenses as most allergy eyedrops can’t be inserted with the lenses in your eyes.

2. My next summer essential would be suncream. In England it’s not often that the sun is out but when it is boy is it hot! We don’t realise how strong the sun actually is in England and you can get a lot more burnt in English heat than you can when abroad. If your fair, under 18 or over 65 then factor 50 is a must. I personally love the smell of suncream, it reminds me of summer and family and holidays etc. , but some people hate it. If you’re one of those people then there are tons of suncreams with different scents and you can even get unscented ones. If you are using an oil to get more tanned make sure you are at least choosing one with a high spf as you will regret it afterwards!


People often forget to top up their face and generally just go for the arms and legs. You’re face is so important as the skin on your face is alot more sensitive than other parts of your body. Make sure you top up your suncream at least 4 times a day if your in direct sunlight. Lastly for sun care is lips and hair, this is something that most people tend to forget or not even think about. Including me! Burning your lips is the worst, they get all puffy and inflamed and it hurts so much. When looking for a lipbalm, search for one with an spf or even better one that specifically calls itself a lip sunscreen. The brand Banana Boat have one with Vitamin E and spf 30! For hair and scalp you can get many sprays that will protect your head from getting burnt. e.g the brand Malibu do a spray exactly for this with spf 30.

3. If you didn’t mange well with the suncream, didn’t top it up or did but STILL got burnt, I would endorse that you have aftersun, you never know how much you appreciate that stuff unless you are sitting at home burnt and wishing you had it. Most suncream brands have some sort of aftersun in their range but if not you can get just plain natural aloe vera  gel which is just as soothing on the skin. My personal favourite aftersun is the aloe vera gel from Vaseline. Another thing you can do (incoming DIY in 3,2,1…) Get your regular ice cube tray from the freezer and fill it with aloe vera gel. Put them in the freezer and just leave them there until you feel you need some instant sunburn relief, this will cool the skin and make the pain go away.


4. As well as your skin, your eyes are also very important; they can get burnt just as much as your skin and this can result in worsened vision or partial loss of vision, headaches and  burning sensations or damage to the light-sensitive membrane that covers the inside of the eyeball (retina) or damage to the lens. To prevent this you should have a good pair of sunglasses and refrain from being in direct sunlight without them. You should also wear a wide brimmed hat. This should block out at least 70% of the sun from your eyes. This applies to cloudy days as well as sunny days.

How do I know if my eyes are sunburned?

People often think that they might have chlorine or salt water in their eyes when really they have burnt them, if you have burnt them you will feel a gritty sandy sensation in your eyes which would be irritating and would cause pain but if you just have chlorine or salt water in your eyes they will feel sore but shouldn’t cause extensive pain. If you have burnt your eyes you should use lubricating eyedrops to regain the moisture in your eyes and ease the irritation. The symptoms should go away within a few weeks but if they worsen or don’t go away- consult your optician or GP.


As I said earlier your scalp also gets burnt so my next suggestion would be a hat, you can choose a sombrero, a cap- any hat you want, just make sure it’s one that will cover your head and part of your eye-line. This will make sure your head and eyes are protected when out and about.

5. Now you should be completely clued up about how to keep the outside well but now its time to think about the inside, all throughout the year surveys show that Britain arent very good at driking enough water but in summer it is twice as important. If you arent hydrated in the sun it can cause you to be dizzy or light-headed, you can experience headaches, tiredness and much more. It’s very important that you drink at least 6-8 glasses of fluid a day.


What should I drink?
As well as water, the FSA (food standards agency) recommends semi-skimmed milk, diluted fruit juice and diluted squash, But water is the best thing for you I think.

So thats it on how to stay healthy over the summer with these summer essentials! – look out for my Summer Essentials BEAUTY EDITION!