Summer Essentials- Beauty

If you haven’t checked out my Summer Essentials HEALTH edition then you can read that here to get clued up on how to be safe and heathy throughout the summer!

This post will be all about my beauty summer essentials, this post will keep you naturally beautiful and weather proof for those hot days in the sun!

1. Water proof makeup

Most of us love a splash in the pool or a float in the sea, but we want to stay looking beautiful with out mascara running down your face or those dreaded panda eyes. Girls! …It’s time to splurge on a waterproof makeup kit!

I would firstly reccomend a waterproof mascara, mascara makes our eyes bigger and opens them out making our lashes fuller, thicker and longer. There are plenty of ”waterproof” mascaras on the market but do they really work? Most of the cheaper ones aren’t very effective and end up smudging and going everywhere despite what the label says, but there are a few that I have found to really work. I would highly endorse that you don’t apply mascara on your bottom lashes if you know you may be getting wet as i find that however good the waterproof mascara is it will still smudge. The Max Factor False Lash Effect Mascaras are brilliant, I don’t have one to show you but you can search on google to find out where to purchase it. This mascara is only £7.99 at the moment in Boots as there is a special offer (usually £10.99) this is a great deal but if you prefer to splurge then the Estee Lauder Sumptuous Waterproof mascara is very good also but a steeper price of £20.50!

The next makeup product that I would say is a must is a creme blush, this will make your face glow and give you a healthy complexion. Most creme blushes should stay on longer than powder blushes as they stick to your skin and soak in where as a wipe with something wet, a powder blush will come straight off! A creme blush I love is the MAC creme blushes, they are quite expensive (£17.50) but you get alot of product and they last along time in the pan. The shade I love and am currently using is Posey, a cheaper option for a creme blush would be the NYX ones. I have the shade 01 Rose Pearl. They are a steal at only £5!

PicMonkey Collage


Next to define your eyes I would say that creme eyeshadows are great! A really good one I use is the Maybelline color tattoos, they come in a range of lovely colors but my favourite is on and on bronze, it is a soft brown taupe and perfect for everyday! Another option is a coloured waterproof eyeliner, a small line of this applied to your upper lash-line will make your eyes pop but they wont look too dramatic!


For lips a stain is best. They are called a stain because they wear off naturally and claim to stay on the lips for over 4 hours. I love felt tip stains and also the jumbo gloss stains that many companies have come out with recently. Revlon have some very good examples of both of these with their Just Bitten Lipstains. You may have heard many reviews about felt tip stains as most people say they are very drying on the lips but this one comes with a balm on the other end so your lips wont feel dehydrated at all! I have the shade frenzy which is a dark red colour and it really does tay on for a long time! I also have the Just Bitten Kissable balm stain by Revlon. It is like a big lipstick but incredibly moisturising! In this I have the colour honey, a natural pale pink colour.


This is probably the only things I would wear if I wanted to go swimming and wear makeup but usually I’m okay with just the mascara, of course you can pick and choose and leave me a comment on another waterproof makeup ideas you have here.

Next thing I would suggest is a hair oil or a deep conditioner. Coming in and out of the pool leaves your hair dry and dehydrated after all the chlorine and salt water gets into it so using a hair oil or a deep conditioner will regain moisture and leave your hair silky smooth. I would recommend Argan oil, it is quite pricey and ranges in price. I get mine form my hairdresser but its easily found online and there are plenty of different brands that sell them.

You can try a deep conditioner too! I will be posting a DIY deep conditioner/oil soon so look out for that! in the mean time a good one is the Aussie 3 minute miracle deep conditioner, you can get this online or at boots and its perfect for those bad hair days!

I hope you like this post and keep visiting for more, thank you!