Special FX Makeup Haul!

So as I went to IMATS on sunday I did a video of the things I got from there on my YouTube channel. I didn’t include any special FX things on there because it would have been too long so I thought I would do a blog post about them.

To watch the video click here. To read the blog post on my day at IMATS and lots of pictures from the event click here.

So the only place I really went to for special FX purchases was Kryolan, I haven’t actually bought anything like these things before so it was all very overwhelming when i got to the ¬†stall.

I knew what basic things I needed so I picked up those first. It took me some time to decide what size I would get because I knew I wouldn’t be back at IMATS for a year. But if I didn’t get on with the product then I would have wasted my money!¬†…I generally got the medium size of everything in the end!


Firstly I picked up some Latex Liquid.


Im so excited to try this out because I have only ever used eyelash glue for cuts with tissue paper and I never really used it in large quantities so I will be interested to see how I get on.


The next thing I bought was some Rigid Collodion, Ive seen so many people use it on YouTube and I think it looks really cool. Like BeautifulYouTV’S video on a quick scar. So I think I will get on with this product as it looks quite easy to use.


Of course I need to take the rigid collodion off so the lady at the stall said the best thing to use was all clear which is a sort of acetone, a bottle of that went straight into my basket. Ive heard that using Rigid Collodion in large quantities in the same area can be dangerous so I definitely need to make sure it’s taken off properly.


Next thing I bought was a rainbow circle colour wheel.


color wheel.jpg

These are different to normal face paint as you don’t need to add water to them as they are a greasepaint. The colours are perfect for bruises as well as black eyes!


The last thing I picked up was Cinewax. Ive always been quite intrigued with this product as it looks very fun and I can’t wait to have a mess around with it!


So that’s it for my haul really…

If you would like to see other products I got from MAC, NYX, NARS etc. Please click on the link at the top of the page!

Thanks for reading! -Charley.