Hi everyone, this blogpost is going to be about Beauty- Uk’s products. They were kind enough to send me some products so I could try them out and tell you all what I think. Don’t be put off by this, all opinions in this post are my own!


First of all I will start of with what they sent me and what they retail at in Superdrug.

I got a Blusher, £2.99

Eyeshadow Palette, £5.99

Eyeliners, £3.49

Lipstick, £3.49

and a Mascara, £2.49

First Impressions:

When I got the package I was very happy as I really liked the way the makeup looked, obviously it’s really important that the products look good as it’s a factor that would stand out to me when buying products in a shop.

I think the packaging is very secure for the price of them and looks like it would last a long time. They were all sealed with a thick tape so people can’t touch them before they are sold which I like as I hate brining home a new product that has been touched!


The blusher is really nice, the one I received is called capital pink and it’s a matte dusky light pink colour. It’s very pigmented so is definitely worth the money you are paying for and comes with a brush, this can be handy but the brush isn’t of the best quality. That didn’t bother me whatsoever as I usually throw away the disposables anyway. I really like the size of the blush as it’s quite big and the perfect size for a large brush. I don’t like it when blushes are small in the pan so this is perfect!

From what I have seen so far it lasts on the skin quite well, Ive noticed that you only need a little or it can look a little overwhelming so be careful when putting it on. If you put small bits at a time on it’s great because the product is build-able.

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Eyeshadow Palette

This palette is very bright, in the palette you get colours and they are of a reasonable size. I like it because you get a range of finishes on the eyeshadows, some are glittery and shimmery and some are completely matte. I think this palette would be great for dramatic and exotic makeup for nights out or shows etc.

The colours are extremely pigmented and have a lot more colour to them than you would expect for such a inexpensive pallet. It’s great coverage and lasts for a long time on the eyes. They blend well together and are very soft.

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I got sent 3 eyeliners, 2 pearl colour ones which are liquid colour eyeliners and one standard black liquid eyeliner.

Black eyeliner-

The formula of the black eyeliner is really good, its very pigmented and doesn’t leave patches when one the ye, the only issue I have with it is the applicator. I think the applicator is a little thick for my liking as i like to wear my eyeliner quite thin but by all means if you like a dramatic eye then this would be perfect for you. The packing is quite standard but the handle is quite long. I like this because I find the eyeliner easier to hold when applying the product to my eyes.

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Coloured eyeliner’s-

I was quite disappointed with these eyeliners, the colour in the bottles are very pretty and definitely pearled with slight shimmer to them but when I used it on my eyes i found they were quite watery and left patches of washy colour, saying that the colours are build able so I used another coat and it seemed fine but i don’t think they are as pigmented as they could be. The packaging is really nice, I think they look really sleek and not cheap at all.

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The lipstick is really nice, I find the packaging quite basic and very similar to the MUA ones. The shade i have is called ‘pink my ride’ it’s extremely bright and not something I would wear everyday but I’m glad I received it because it’s quite unusual and not like anything i’ve already got.

When I first put on the lipstick the smell was lovely. It smells very minty which some people may not like but I really liked the smell. I think it also slightly tingled my lips like a plumping lip gloss does which I am really in favour of as I like the sensation it gives. The colour is very pigmented and the lipstick glides straight on the lips. It lasts for quite a long time on the lips and doesn’t smudge even thought the texture is quite glossy. I doesn’t dry my lips out and is very moisturising too!

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When I first saw the mascara i will admit it didn’t really look anything special, i thought the colour would be extremely pigmented but it wasn’t at first, when I applied it it looked quite dark on the lashes and almost like a faded black but in different lights you can see the blue, I think this is a really nice effect because it’s not a full on dramatic blue colour, i think it makes my lashes look quite defined and fans them out but does make them quite dry and crispy which I’m not a fan of.

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Have YOU ever tried Beauty UK- What do you think of it? Let me know in the comments below!

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