Outfit of the day #1

I thought I would do a fashion post as I haven’t done one in a while, this blog post is going to show you the type of things I like to wear on an everyday basis. I understand that everyone has their own unique style and what I like may be very different from the sorts of things you like to wear, enjoy!

styleThis is my outfit for the day! (OOTD)

This, for me is a little smarter than casual for example this outfit is when I went shopping. It was quite hot that day so in the end I didn’t even take my leather jacket but if it was a little chillier then that is what I would wear.

I had very natural makeup on as it was my everyday makeup but I did apply a little more blusher than usual and made my brows stand out a little more with a brow powder called wow brows! It’s a really good brow powder as it is semi permanent so I don’t have to worry about it coming off throughout the day. Click here to see where I purchased the brow powder and let me know in the comments if you would like a more detailed review!  (excuse the effect, I couldn’t resist!)


This top is very bright which is one of the reasons I love it! It used to be my mums but much to my advantage she didn’t want want it anymore! It’s from Zara and was around 25-30 pounds (steep, I know). It’s a shirt material but the collar is a t-shirt material which makes the shirt a little more casual and edgy. I really like the print on the front as I think it’s really cool and unusual.


My jeans are a new purchase from internationale and were only £18.99, you can purchase them here! I love them because they look smart but they are so comfortable and soft. Also they pretty much go with anything and are an easy option when you don’t know what to wear.

My shoes are from Primark. This is the first time in a while that i have bought shoes from  Primark as they have been known to not last very long but i cant definitely say that they have upped their standards as the quality for these for the price- (only £8!) is amazing! They have a sort-of padded cushion in the foot area and are so comfortable, they haven’t scuffed and they are very comparable to some of the shoes iv’e seen in Topshop and are a fraction of the price!


My Leather jacket I bought last year from New look. I can’t find the exact link but I have found a VERY similar jacket for £39.99 (mine was £45) click here to see it!

The glasses I was wearing are from Primark, It wasn’t too sunny that day so I wore these ones more for the fashion side rather than protecting my eyes- I love these ones especially as they were £1!


That’s it for my OOTD, Thanks for reading!