October Favourites

November has gone so fast for me so I haven’t really thought about my favourites until now, I’ve only got a few things to talk about but Ive accumulated a few new things this month that i’m going to include.

Firstly I will start off with some things that I have been using constantly for the entire month, wow! brows semi permanent brow powder. I’m sure I have mentioned this a billion times but it’s honestly a staple in my daily makeup routine. I haven’t used it everyday because if I’m at home, I don’t tend to wear makeup or if i do, I don’t bother with brows. But I love this product! It gives my eyebrows definition and darkens them up abit without making my brows look really fake and ‘drawn on’ I like to apply this with any angled liner brush in small strokes until I get the desired effect. My shade is in dark brown which is quite dark but they do a range of about 5 shades ranging from blonde to black. It retails at about £15, I bought mine from an amazing beauty place in bedford called Beauty at Fletchers.  

PicMonkey Cohllage

Next is my MAC blush in Desert Rose, Ive gotten so caught up in other blushers that I completely forgot about this, Its a dusky rose colour (as the name would suggest) that looks perfect if you want to look like you have rosy cheeks without looking like you’re wearing makeup, it’s natural but can be built up to be dramatic if you want it to. It’s only got a tiny bit of shimmer in it which catches the light and makes your face glow! I love MAC blushers because the pan is quite big, which I like in a blusher and you get a lot of product in it. They retail for about £18 in Debenhams.

PicMonkey CollanngeNext is a NEW favourite. I bought this the other day and have fallen in LOVE. Recently I have been a lot more adventurous with my lip colour and have been going quite extreme. I picked up another Revlon kissable balm stain in the shade crush. It’s quite a dark colour that is quite out of my comfort zone but I really like the way it looks on my lips. It was £7.99 which Is good for what it is. It lasts for quite a long time and stays moisturising on my lips the whole time it’s on. I love the shade range they do and I haven’t yet found a ‘lip crayon’ to beat it!


Next is another product which is quite new to my collection and that is another Revlon lip butter in the shade sorbet. It’s quite a bright colour for me but I wanted to change up my lip colour and this really helped me achieve the look that I wanted to go for. It’s a bright pink colour that looks really nice and glossy on the lips. I have talked about the Revlon lip butters umpteen times so I won’t bore you with what I think of them again but I will say that this shade is great if you want something edgy, yet girly at the same time. It retails at £7.99 , some might say this is expensive for what it is but don’t be fooled by the tittle ‘lip butter’ as it’s not what you think.

PicMonkeby CollageThe last favourite I have for this moth is an eyeshadow by MAC called Trax. It’s a plummy purple shade with gold specks in it, Its gorgeous on the eye with a smokey eye or just in the outer corner of your eye. Having this eyeshadow makes it easy for me to incorporate colour into my look without it being overpowering. Its around £15 i think but it’s definitely worth it for the amount of product you get.

PicMonkey hhollage

Let me know what product/s YOU have loved this month in the comments!