My on-set makeup bag!

Before I start this post I thought I would give you some backstory.

Recently I have been part of  huge project working for a brand called Reviber. They sell all different types of fitness equipment that help to gain strength and rebuild muscles. This particular shoot was for Argos (ARGOS!!!) and I was lucky to be a part of it!

It was a 3 day shoot 9-5 filled with photography and video footage which will be used for the Argos website and Reviber’s website. The studio is absolutely amazing! One of the biggest in Europe owned by Home Retail Group. There are many different sets where adverts are filmed, and huge photoshoots take place!

This is by far the biggest project i’ve been involved with! Working in such a professional environment with contracts and very successful actors/ models. The models used on the shoot were fantastic, they were professional but both had a great personality and were amazing to work with! You can check out their pages here! Sammie Boyd/ Peter Meyer.

My on-set makeup bag!

I’ve never really needed an on-set makeup bag before. Most of the studios i’ve worked in (some tiny, some big) have always had their makeup room near the set and I could easily run and grab something if needed but working mainly in still photography it’s not often that the models would be in the same makeup even an hour let alone all day.

This studio is so big theres a good 2 minute walk to the dressing rooms from the set, and with it being an all day shoot understandably the models need touchups whether it’s a stray piece of hair or a shiny forehead. This is just a guide of everything I had to run and grab so I thought this post would be helpful for fellow MUA’s!

My top essentials!: 

  • Tissues or blotting paper for excess oil, even if it’s not a fitness shoot you can find the lights produce a lot of heat causing the models to sweat!
  • Powder; I had a loose powder and a pressed powder as I used the loose powder for areas around the t-zone which were most oily and the pressed for the cheeks etc.
  • Female models- Lipsticks and lip brush for touching up the lips.
  • Male models- some vaseline can definitely come in handy when working on set as their lips seem to dry out.
  • Cotton buds. Very useful for mascara smudges and corners of the mouth.
  • Concealer Palette for touching up blemishes or areas that have sweated off.
  • Scissors for tags or hanging threads etc.

Even if you haven’t been involved with hair and there isn’t a hairstylist there- these are still essential!

  • Hair grips
  • Hair brush
  • Comb
  • Hairspray