MUA- £1 Lipsticks?!

Todays review is going to be on MUA’s (Makeup Academy) lipsticks. I will be covering quality and cost and whether or not I think they are worth it.

I sometimes splurge on makeup and often shop at MAC for my beauty products but I do also LOVE  a bargain- who doesn’t?

I first discovered MUA about 3 years ago when I first properly started getting into makeup, I never really spent that much money when I was buying makeup back then and was used to such brands as Natural Collection and Miss Sporty. I never really thought it was worth spending £14 on a lipstick (obviously now I know how much the quality differs from a £1 to a £14 lipstick) but when I found MUA I was thrilled. £1 throughout the whole line!

I can’t remember the order in which I bought all six lipsticks but the first one I bought was shade 11, it’s a nude  matte pink colour and I wore it all the time. The formula of most of the MUA lipsticks are very glossy, they aren’t fully opaque but packed with colour and highly pigmented. They almost feel like a balm and are extremely moisturising. It doesn’t really feel like your wearing a lipstick at all, unlike some cheaper brands like e.l.f who’s lipsticks can be very waxy and drying.

Although very comfortable on the lips, the glossy-ness of the lipsticks means that they don’t really stay in place. This is one of the downsides to them, they transfer quite a lot and end up on your teeth quite frequently this slight downside doesn’t make them even near being a bad product as the value is just too good, they not too long lasting but fade evenly which is always a good thing.

The packaging is quite compact and for the price I don’t think it’s that bad, they aren’t easy to break or scratch and look quite sleek. The advantage of the MUA lipsticks is that you can see the colour on the end of the lipstick, this is the case with many lipsticks like Rimmel for example but the colour is usually just a sticker, whereas the MUA lipsticks have a small sample of the lipstick at the bottom and you can even twist it off and use product from there. I think this is such a good idea and is quite unique throughout lipsticks as I only know one other brand to do this which is beauty uk (another cheap brand).

I am aware now that they do a PRO aisle in many stores now which is more expensive, I haven’t yet tried anything from there yet but am definitely going to!

One downside that annoys me is the fact the lipsticks don’t have names, this may only be me but I love it when lipsticks have names like ‘very berry’ or ‘whoppin watermelon’ it sounds so much better than ‘ shade 11. In my opinion anyways. Apart from shade 16 which has the name Nectar, it’s the only one I have come across with a name.

The MUA lipsticks are found in Superdrug and you can also get them online from their website.

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed! – Charley.