Mini Beauty Haul!

I recently went to Superdrug (not expecting to get anything) and bought a couple of bits. Who ever invented 2 for x offers I hate you and love you at the same time. I was browsing around the makeup as I always do when I get an opportunity to do so, and I saw that Revlon were having a 2 for £10 sale! What I really need at the moment is a Mascara but I think Revlon mascara would be quite a risky thing to purchase as I haven’t really seen much hype in the blogger/youtube world about them. So I decided to go for another kissable balm stain as they are so fab. I went for the shade rendezvous which is an orangey shade. I tried it on in the shop which i never usually do as using a tester makes me a little sick in my mouth, but I thought I would take the plunge as I wanted to be sure that I wanted it. I tried it on and loved it! Its quite a loud colour for me but the stain is sheer enough that I felt comfortable to wear it.

Next I bought another Revlon lip butter as the one I have is quite a natural shade, I bought the shade candy apple which I’m sure you have heard of as it’s talked about so much by beauty bloggers all over the world. It’s a sheer reddish colour that I think will definitely look good everyday to enhance my natural lip colour. Im happy that I have another red lipstick that’s sheer because the reds that I have are so pigmented that they are sometimes hard to wear during the day time.

Next I bought 2 Barry M Gelly nail polishes. I haven’t used these before but the hype is unbearable so I had to try them (especially as they were on a 2 for £6 offer) My eyes came across the shade lychee mannnyyy times but I wanted to get some brighter colour for holiday, I picked up a lilac colour as I don’t actually own one. The one I’ve got is called prickly pear. I think its going to be a staple for my polish collection! Lastly I bought an orangey red colour called passion fruit. i like it because its not red and not orange but something in-between.

So thats it for my mini haul! Hope you enjoyed!