IMATS London 2013!

On Sunday the 23rd of June me and my best friend Elisha went to the annual IMATS in London at the Grand National Olympia.

Photo 7

For any of you that don’t know IMATS stands for International Makeup Trade Show. It’s like a convention for makeup that happens all over the world.

We went on the last day, which was Sunday. We will definitely go on the Saturday next year as thats the day that most makeup artists go to. For example this year Fleur De Force, Miss Glamorazzi, TalkBeckyTalk and many more all went on the Saturday.

We were going to go on a train at first which we were really worried about as we’re not very experienced with trains and would have no idea where to look for platforms etc. Luckily Elisha’s dad was already going to London with a Taxi driver so we just had to pay him for petrol money and they dropped us right outside! We got there at around 11:30 so we didn’t have to wait at all to check in. We used an e-ticket so the process was pretty fast and we were in within 5 minutes, so if you’re planning to go its probably easier to buy your ticket before-hand and print it off.

We didn’t know where to go first!

Photo 44

Everywhere we looked there was makeup and people, it was amazing, hundreds of people all interested in the same thing. Talent and inspiration evreywhere.

Photo 127 Photo 150 Photo 156

We looked around all the stalls first so we could get an idea of what we wanted to buy before we spent all our money on one stall. I had less money this year than I did last year but this year I was alot more inclined to spend my money as last year (my first year at IMATS) I think I was abit – to some degree- scared to spend it.

After spending a few hours gawking at everything we decided to go for lunch, we brought a packed lunch with us in order to save money for other things so we sat down with our sandwiches and couldn’t help looking over our purchases in awe of what we had accumulated.

After that we looked at the exhibition of exemplar work by different artists, they were all fantastic but one I was absolutely taken aback by. These men:

Photo 37

I think these works of art are absolutely extraordinary, it’s so amazing what some people can create. I couldn’t see the name of the artist, which is a shame as I would of liked to have a look at some of their other work.

Here are some other pieces from the exhibition:

Photo 30 Photo 31 Photo 33 Photo 35 Photo 39 Photo 43

The pictures of course don’t really do it justice!

After that we went back to look at makeup, there isn’t really much I can say about what we did as what we did was very repetitive, but I can say a lot about the experience.

Last year I can say that IMATS was the highlight of my year, it was so new and exiting. It’s an amazing place to learn things even if you don’t have an interest in that particular area of makeup. You can chat to makeup artists and get their opinion on your own work- which I of course did and got some wonderful feedback. If you are at all thinking of attending IMATS the ¬£40 entrance fee is 100% worth it for all the discounts you are actually getting once inside.¬†IMATS is a place where you can meet people from the You Tube community that you watch every week, I can’t even explain the excitement. If you love makeup- It truly is heaven on earth.

Photo 170

If you go next year, be sure sure to take advantage of the bags you get. Grab some on your way out! (or 19 of them if you’re me) They constantly remind you of your amazing time there and they are really sturdy and handy.

Click to check out my IMATS HAUL 2013 on my youtube channel to see all of the beauty things we purchased and watch out for a blog post on a special FX makeup haul!