First Makeup Job?!

I got a Facebook message the other day from an old friend called Lucie who I had been on holiday with when I was really young saying that she wanted me to do makeup on her. Naturally, I was delighted! Was this my first makeup job??

First Lucie briefed me on the sort of thing she wanted me to do for her as she was going to a horror party. She said she was going to be a dead nurse so I had to prompt her to get to know exactly what she wanted. I think it helped a lot that I had an album of pictures that I had already done so she could pick and choose parts of a photo. After sending a few pictures back and forth I got a clear idea of what she wanted and was excited for the day.

I decided to set up the area for my makeup downstairs as I wanted to make it look as professional as possible, I put a towel down so I didn’t get anything on the table and put out my brushes. I made sure all of my brushes were clean and gave the brushes I knew I would be using an extra clean.


As you can see I had tissues and Makeup wipes out already as I knew I would be using them to clear up fallout or to mend any mistakes made, I also had a hairband out for Lucie to wear as I was going to be working close to her hairline and didn’t want to get anything in her hair.

When she arrived on the day I offered her a drink and made her feel welcome, I think it’s very important to make your client feel welcome so they will feel comfortable when doing their makeup. I told her as I went to wash my hands and used hand sanitizer in front of her so she would be confident that my hands were clean when touching her face.

I thought I would be nervous about doing her makeup as I had only ever done makeup on people I knew very well like family and close friends, but I was fine and we kept a conversation going in order for her not to get bored. It took me about an hour and a half to complete the look and I was quite happy with it despite the neck area where I did a bite, I think I could have improved this if I had more time but the main thing was what she thought and she loved it so I was happy.

Heres what she looked like!

lucie 1

lucie 4

lucie 3

It was a good experience for my first time job and i’m very excited for my next client, of course as I knew her and she was my first client I didn’t charge her anything and the experience was worth it in it’s self but she was so kind and gave me £20. I was excited as I was going to IMATS the next day (blog post coming soon) so I was able to purchase some special FX makeup that I will use in the future.

Thanks for reading!!! – Charley