Christmas Makeup gift guide!

Let me just start off by saying in 1 month it will be Christmas eve, the excitement is unreal. I thought I would share with you some makeup gift ideas from anyone starting off with makeup to full on makeup addicts! 1. Naked Basics Palette– This eyeshadow palette would be great for someone who is … Read more

LIP FAVE: The Revlon Lip butter

Today’s post is going to be about my favourite formulation of lipstick- The Revlon Lip Butter I have WAY too many of these lipsticks but I can’t stop buying them! Here are the 5 reasons why: 1. Moisture- These lip butters are exactly how you would expect, they are like a lipstick but extremely moisturising … Read more

Spring Lips!

So as everyone on Youtube is going crazy about spring it has got me in the summer mood!  I have started wearing more spring coloured lip shades (although the weather is still showing winter!) When It comes to lip colours I rarely go for a full-on lip, instead I like to go for balms or stains- … Read more

BEST top coat EVER?!

I paint my nails quite a lot, maybe twice a week. God knows they aren’t the strongest or the longest but I do like to have them painted. The only thing I hate about doing my nails is the dry time, I have quite a few nail polishes that are quick drying but most of … Read more

Brush Talk!

Hi everyone, today is all about brushes. I’m going to be talking about my favourite brands, what brushes do what and how to clean them! whats the point? I know so many people who only have one makeup brush or don’t even own one! I can’t even begin to get my head around this but … Read more

Brilliant eBay Bargain!

Hi everyone, I’m so exited to talk about a new palette that I bought from -you guessed it- eBay. I’m so happy about this purchase as it was only £3.99, no not a typo it really was! The palette is a 15 colour camouflage concealer palette. I know, if it was someone else, I would … Read more

Beauty on a Budget!

What’s important to look out for when buying cheap products?! Everyone loves a good inexpensive product but have you ever been left disappointed with what you thought was a good bargain? FACE SPF! It’s so important to make sure you’re foundation has some sort of SPF in it no matter how low your budget is. … Read more

Summer Essentials- Beauty

If you haven’t checked out my Summer Essentials HEALTH edition then you can read that here to get clued up on how to be safe and heathy throughout the summer! This post will be all about my beauty summer essentials, this post will keep you naturally beautiful and weather proof for those hot days in … Read more

Summer Essentials- Health

Summer is approaching quickly and people in the UK are all waiting for the sunshine to come. Many people ive noticed are like me, we have so much time to prepare for the summer and when it actually comes were not prepared! HEALTH EDITION! This year you will kick summer’s ass! Here is a detailed … Read more