Pumpkin Halloween Makeup!

HALLOWEEN is FINALLY around the corner! One of my favourite times of the year (and busiest!) as I get to create so many different fun characters!  This weeks video is a Halloween Pumpkin- for this video I decided to not do a voiceover, this is because the video is quite hard to follow along as I … Read more

TUTORIAL: Rose Gold Glitter Makeup

Today’s video is a little bit different as i’m not doing the makeup on myself! As I said in the video, let me know if you prefer this 🙂 I decided to do a look on my friend El so you can see I how would actually apply makeup to a client, and a voiceover to go … Read more

VIDEO: Colourful Clown Makeup!

This weeks video is a pretty crazy one! I decided to do a colourful clown makeup using bright/neon facepaints and eyeshadows. In this video I decided not to do a voice over as I didn’t really have a clue what I was doing! If I have to give one tip about this look it would be … Read more

TUTORIAL: Festival makeup!

Hi Guys! This weeks video is a all about festival makeup- this look is SO versatile because you can take elements that you like to create your own look! This style is all about the glitter and the gems so can be too much for some people but at the end of the day- it’s a … Read more

TUTORIAL: Rainbow Pride Makeup!

For this video I wanted to do a rainbow look to celebrate pride month! Pride month is all about celebrating who you are no matter whatever your sexuality! As said in the video, you can keep just the eyes for a rainbow eye-look or do the whole look for a festival makeup! BE-YOU-TIFUL! Products used: … Read more

Half face Creepy facepaint!

Today’s blog post is going to be about how I created the look above, which is a Zombie/hulk/joker look- i’m not too sure what to call it but i’ve had some great suggestions on Facebook!  For this look I mostly just used Face paints, I wasn’t sure what I wanted to create so I had … Read more

TUTORIAL: Zombie Makeup!

As the Walking Dead has just come back, I thought I would do a tutorial to celebrate! This is quite a simple tutorial you can do with products laying around the house rather than prosthetic moulds and face pieces! Don’t have any latex? Can’t get hold of it quick enough? Use eyelash glue! Eyelash glue … Read more

My on-set makeup bag!

Before I start this post I thought I would give you some backstory. Recently I have been part of  huge project working for a brand called Reviber. They sell all different types of fitness equipment that help to gain strength and rebuild muscles. This particular shoot was for Argos (ARGOS!!!) and I was lucky to … Read more