Beauty on a Budget!

What’s important to look out for when buying cheap products?! Everyone loves a good inexpensive product but have you ever been left disappointed with what you thought was a good bargain?


SPF! It’s so important to make sure you’re foundation has some sort of SPF in it no matter how low your budget is. It will protect your face from sun damage as you are still exposed to it even when it’s not that sunny! Sun damage can leave you with awful discolouration to face and can give you unwanted hyper pigmentation that you just wish would vanish. SKINCANCER! It’s not just about the appearance, if you’re face isn’t protected then you could end up with skin cancer.

Colour- lots of cheap foundations are often very orange on the face so it’s important to make sure you go for a shade that you have tested out. The colour can change dramatically from the bottle/your hand to what it actually looks like on your face!


Pigmentation- some cheap eyeshadows do not look like what they seem in the pallete, if you’re buying cheap make sure you try to test out the product on your hand first to see if it’s the colour you desire.

Waterproof mascara is very risky if you’re going cheap. Many claim to be ‘waterproof’ and at the first tear, or spray of water you have a black river running down your cheeks. When I first started wearing makeup I would always go for cheap mascaras and am yet to find a REAL cheap waterproof one. For normal mascara some cheap ones can be very drying on the lashes and can turn them into crispy little wisps where your lashes once were.


There are many good cheap lipsticks on the market that will do the job, it’s the smudging and the staying power that isn’t amazing. Some lipsticks can be extremely waxy on the lips and can make them dry and chapped so make sure you moisturise them properly before and after wearing a cheap lipstick. Cheap lipsticks also bleed a lot into the lines around the lips so make sure if you want to wear it for a long time apply a lipliner first!

some cheap brands that I recommend!

MUA- MUA can be found in superdrug, their basic line costs only £1 an item! Their lipsticks are pretty good and so are their lip glosses. Their mascaras are very drying and not something I would recommend.


Natural collection- can be found in boots and is good for blushers, the blusher products its self is very good but the packaging is very badly made and often falls apart but their products are only £1.99 each. The lipsticks are also good but the foundations are very orange.


Collection 2000 a little more expensive but great for face products, the lasting perfection concealer is a STAPLE for your makeup bag! These lip glosses are now discontinued but they smell amazing!


Let me know in the comments what YOUR favourite beauty bargain is?