Acrylic Storage

Everyone knows that around this time of year everyone likes to suddenly get out the cleaning supplies and have a good ‘ole clean, it’s a perfect time for new storage whether it be jewellery, makeup or even pens and pencils.

Although the likes of my room wouldn’t show it- I really like having my things organised. Im going to talk about my preferred method of storage for my makeup- acrylic.

Acrylic storage is great because it is easy to organise things and you can see through it so you know where everything is and things can be accessed easily. Some form of acrylic storage can be expensive for example the Kim Kardashian acrylic drawers that I have, very good quality but ridiculously overpriced. There are plenty of other options on the market for acrylic storage. A shop for storage that is heavily talked and raved about is MUJI (I believe there is a store in London or you can look at their website) , I think their things are quite inexpensive for what they are but I would always do an eBay search before actually purchasing anything.


My makeup drawers get dusty quite easily so in order to keep them looking nice you have to wipe them at least once every other day- I must admit I didn’t always keep up with this… They are very easy to clean though, all you need is some kitchen roll and some glass cleaner.

Ive had my Kim Kardashian drawers for nearly 2 years now and up until recently they have stored all of my makeup, I have a makeup collection on my youtube channel which I filmed last year, you can watch it here. If you have around that much makeup then everything should fit snugly, buying makeup constantly now means that I need some extra storage as it has started to overflow.


To store my lipsticks I looked online for some acrylic holders and I found some really nice ones that hold 12, they looked really nicely made and amazing quality but when I saw how much they were it really put me off them. They were like £10 each excluding delivery!!!

I looked on eBay and managed to find some from Hong Kong for £2.98, What’s more is they had 24 slots opposed to 12 and free delivery!! If you wanted them to arrive promptly then I don’t think they are for you as it took over two weeks for the package to arrive. When I got the package it was wrapped very securely with bubble wrap which I was quite impressed with but the quality wasn’t amazing. For the price you can’t fault it but the more expensive one did look thicker and with rounder edges so you can’t scratch yourself.


I will link the eBay seller below as I believe their customer service was very much up to scratch and communication was great, especially as they are on the other side of the world. They even emailed me to make sure I had received the packaged and emailed me when it was despatched and the due date to arrive!

Thanks for reading- Charley x